[SDL] Threads and video.

Pontus Marktröm pontus.markstrom at aerotechtelub.se
Fri Apr 27 05:12:18 PDT 2001

> >     - playmidi sounds crap (OPL3 on my $10 soundcard)
> >     - timidity sounds good (software wavetable)
> >     - playmidi -e sounds WOW (professional tonegen on midiout)

For the sake of clarification, is playing through an on-card hardware
wavetable covered in the options above?  

I think this is what playmidi is supposed to do, but when I try to use it
with my SB Live (which has an obscenely nice wavetable in it) it sounds
like an Adlib.  

In order to get any decent sound, I have to use timidity's software
wavetable emulation, which, while a darn sight better sounding then what I
was getting, is still not up to the quality I'm used to experiencing from
my card.

-Josh Emmons

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