[SDL] Re: SDL_INet Library needed !!

Torsten Giebl wizard at synthetic-crew.de
Thu Apr 12 01:51:25 PDT 2001

Hello Sam !! I know this is OFFTOPIC so this is my last message to this TOPIC :

PS: New HUGI 22 is out !!! Download it at http://www.virtually.at/hugi/lhugi22.htm

The MAG SYS of hugi works with Simple HTML Files and there you can set Links to Pages and
Links to EMails. Okay if there is no StandardBrowser like in WINDOWS, on most/all systems you can
detect to what EXE File the Fileextension "HTML" "HTM" is directed and then execute this EXE File.
Please send me CodeSamples to wizard at synthetic-crew.de how to detect these EXE File and how
to start them. I need complete Functions because i don´t have some of the OSes that SDL supports.


"Torsten Giebl" <wizard at synthetic-crew.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:9b19c3$jln$1 at ftp.lokigames.com...
> I looked at the mailarchive and there was a similar posting from David Olofson, but not many answers
> and no code samples :=(
> I am working on a port of The HUGI Diskmag to SDL ( www.hugi.de surf to the site it is in english ).
> When you are reading an Article in the MAG you can click on URLs and EMail Links.
> How can i detect under LINUX, BEOS, MACOS .... what the Standard Browser is ???
> How can i start it on the different OSes ?? How to detect the Standard Email Client ???
> How to start it ??? Please post Code Samples how this looks at your SYSTEM/OS !!!
> CU

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