[SDL] opengl inside sdl window

Jacek Popławski jp at ulgo.koti.com.pl
Wed Apr 25 23:34:15 PDT 2001

On Wednesday 11 April 2001 18:10, Samuel Hart wrote:
> Trying to do this in a cross-platform sort of way is /very/ tricky and
> problematic.

Can't see why - I think *doing* it seems a lot more complicated than the 
cross platform part... :-)

> If anyone is interrested in this, I would actually recommend NOT trying to
> use SDL to handle any of this. I would recommend they take a look at the
> many available cross-platform embedded browsers out there, and consider
> just including them in their application.
> IMHO, an additional 1 meg of disk space for a browser that is lite and
> cross-platform is much better than the hassle to try and support the
> various platforms and browsers associated with them.

Yeah, but provided you *can* squeeze in a browser that really works, how do 
you expect it to figure out how to access the 'net...? This is far more 
complicated than just finding an installed and working browser, and the 
firewall and gateway setting can't be autodetected at all on some LANs. (Like 
the one I'm on right now...)

On Wednesday 11 April 2001 19:23, Olivier Dagenais wrote:
> Under Windows the function that will open the application associated
> with a particular filetype or URL is "ShellExecute".
> Someone provided an answer for BeOS.

Both seem easy and solid. (Well, provided the user has the system configured 
properly... Nothing we can do otherwise, unless we can read their minds.)

> For other platforms, you could just ask the user to provide the path
> to the executable of the program they want to use to open URLs.  (or
> crawl the filesystem to find all browsers you are aware of and then
> ask the user to pick which one they want to use)

How about trying to execute 'which netscape', 'which konqueror' etc, or just 
trying the system path (ie 'netscape', 'konqueror' etc; try next if you get a 
"command not found" response) first...? :-)


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