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Is it a good method to put my event handler in a separate thread?
In fact what I want is a way to handle events while a function is still

Dave a écrit:

> On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 11:18:26PM +0200, Matthieu DUFOURNEAUD wrote:
> >>> How is it possible to handle SDL events like Java AWT events?
> A suggestion, avoid doing it like Java.
> To do it like java, you first have to write an event dispatcher,
> and then have your objects wait on IPC.  Java's event model is
> heavily thread oriented, and makes sense for that language, but
> not as much when threading is done on say a process level.
> If you are writing something in C, you are probably better off
> with callback lists which gui elements register for, as with
> typical X programming.  If you are doing this in C++ its not
> that hard to write an interface class to handle all this, and
> then derive the various event types.
> These two approaches may simply seem semantically different, but
> that is because the java class libraries have hidden the nasty
> interface to the underlying event system from you...
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