[SDL] cross compile to macOS?

Stan Shebs shebs at shebs.cnchost.com
Sat Apr 7 08:17:43 PDT 2001

Jaren Peterson wrote:
> Just curious, is there a way to cross compile for Mac OS from Linux? I
> downloaded win32 cross compiler stuff and it works great, it would be
> cool if we could compile for any platform from linux. Does anyone know
> if this is possible?

No.  A few years back, when Cygnus was being paid to do Mac (MPW)
tools, I started on a "cygmac" project similar in concept to cygwin,
with the goal of supporting cross-compilation.  But the Mac business
dried up, and we abandoned the project.  I still have a mostly-working
portable Rez compiler, but that's about it.

For OS X, cross-compilation is much more plausible.  I'm in the
process of getting OS X support in FSF GCC, which leaves Apple's
"cctools", which provides assembler and linker.  The sources are
available (as part of Darwin) and somewhat portable, but I don't
know of anyone who's tried to get them running on Linux.


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