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Eugene Kabanov kabanov at ukr.net
Thu Apr 12 18:25:23 PDT 2001

> I'm building the official SDL_mixer 1.2.0 packages, and I'm wondering
> whether or not to include MP3 support by default?  (Linux? Windows? BeOS?)
> The advantage is that if your application uses SDL_mixer's MP3 support,
> people who download the binary packages will get it working for free.
> The disadvantage is that the SDL_mixer binary runtime will require the
> user to also install the SMPEG binary runtime.
> The user is always able to custom build SDL_mixer with or without MP3
> support themselves.
> Thoughts?

Is there a way to conciliate these two opposite goals ?
I think SDL_mixer should not force anyone to install anything else but the
main binaries

But indeed such an option will prouve itself usefull when we get hardware
MP3 support.

SDL_mixer's mp3 functionnalities should rely on a hardware layer as well as
an emulation layer and programmers should be able to know wether mp3 support
is available and wether it is hardware accelerated or not.

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