[SDL] Re: could not run sdl test program

Melvin Toh k66winds at bigfoot.com
Sat Apr 29 18:20:26 PDT 2000

Unfortunately, the "--disable-pthread-sem" configure option does not
work. SDL_image compiled fine when I used an earlier version of SDL CVS

I'm not familar with threads, but I poked around the man pages for
pthread and found the following:

In file "pthreads.3t"

     Most of the functions in both libraries, libpthread and lib-
     thread,  have  a  counterpart in the other's library.  POSIX
     functions and Solaris functions, whose  names  have  similar
     endings, usually have similar functionality, number of argu-
     ments, and use of arguments.

                   POSIX                            Solaris

     sem_init()                               sema_init()
     sem_open()                               ___
     sem_close()                              ___
     sem_wait()                               sema_wait()
     sem_trywait()                            sema_trywait()
     sem_post()                               sema_post()
     sem_getvalue()                           ___
     sem_unlink()                             ___
     sem_destroy()                            sema_destroy()

In file "libpthread.4"

     Functions in this library provide the  POSIX  threads.   See
     standards(5).   This  library  is implemented as a filter on
     the threads library (see libthread(4)).

     The shared object libpthread.so.1 provides the public inter-
     faces defined below.

     SUNW_1.1 (generic):
       sema_init                          sema_post
       sema_trywait                       sema_wait

I suppose Solaris does have pthread semaphores.

I'll be glad to provide files/info if that helps.



Sam Lantinga wrote:
> > I get the following errors when running configure in SDL_image 1.0.6:
> > Undefined                       first referenced
> >  symbol                             in file
> > sem_init                            /grading/.keep/lib/libSDL.so
> > sem_wait                            /grading/.keep/lib/libSDL.so
> > sem_destroy                         /grading/.keep/lib/libSDL.so
> > sem_trywait                         /grading/.keep/lib/libSDL.so
> > sem_getvalue                        /grading/.keep/lib/libSDL.so
> > sem_post                            /grading/.keep/lib/libSDL.so
> > ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to conftest
> > I have the latest SDL CVS files (downloaded April 29).
> > Compiled on SunOS 5.6, sparc SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise.
> Interesting.  Try the "--disable-pthread-sem" configure option.
> Does solaris have pthread semaphores?
> Thanks!
>         -Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software

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