[[SDL] file loading ... png 4 byte sdl surfaces

Steve Madsen steve at h2eye.com
Fri Apr 28 06:07:28 PDT 2000

You can't depend on the channel position being constant.  You need to check
the masks and shift on a per-image basis (you might be able to get away
with it if you're only using one image format, but you will need to check
the masks and shift values anyway, to set up the hardcode!)

See the "Video Function Reference" page on the SDL website, and investigate
the "format" member of the SDL_Surface struct.


Steve Madsen

At 23:32 28/04/00 +1200, you wrote:
>using a png and loading into a sdl surface with imglib to use as an
>opengl texture is the format abgr of the pixels or something wierd
>like that?
>I know that loading a bmp where there is 3 bytes / pixel its bgr and
>I have to convert to rgb for opengl .. so can anyone tell me what the
>pixel format is for 4 bytes/pixel ?
>Oliver Batchelor

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