[SDL] Re: Window resizing

Jess JessH at lbjhs.net
Fri Apr 28 04:35:59 PDT 2000

ive been contemplateing messing with doing it, feel free to go ahead and
take a shot at it ill probly never get around to it, i was thinking about
adding some scaled/stretched blitting a while back for various reasons and
its been running through my head how that with the ability to do it on the
fly (probly just require changing the blitter used to a stretching one and
alter the params it uses for scaling as the window is resized) is all thats
really needed for window resizeing code. Hermes has some scaled/stretched
blitting code that might be useful for it, and i know there was a c++ lib
floating around that did something like that, also LsdlDoom
(http://firehead.org/~jessh/lsdldoom/) has some slow scaled blitting code
(C and inline ASM). please keep me posted if you do do any work on it.


Ben Campbell wrote:

> A while back there was some talk about adding support for user-resizable
> windows in SDL. At the time I didn't think it would be worth the effort,
> but I'm now thinking it'd be a really nice feature to have.
> Did anyone ever come up with some code to do it?
> Would anyone else find it useful if I had a go at adding it?
> Should have spoken up when I had the chance. Doh!
> Ben.
> --
> Ben Campbell (Antipodean Straggler)
> Programmer, Creature Labs
> ben.campbell at creaturelabs.com
> www.creatures.co.uk

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