[SDL] Exposing clipping function

sondheim at knxmail.com sondheim at knxmail.com
Thu Apr 27 17:42:15 PDT 2000

> >Would you have any problems with exposing SDL's clipping
> >function, so that I can clip rects without having to do
> >a blit?  Is there some stock solution to this (such as
> >setting the alpha-channel to 0... then  doing a blit...)
> Yeah -- is SDL's clipping routine really optimized enough to make doing it
> worthwhile? IMO you'd be probably better off writing your own localized
> clipper. The one advantage I see is that you could use SDL's predefined
> rectangle struct and that's no big deal -- you could do that anyways. I'd
> just prefer to see people writing their own more specialized routines for
> when they need to.
> Nicholas

My concern here isn't so much in efficiency as it is with
obtaining the same result.  With most processes there is
more than one way to compute their result, and (in fact)
the result may vary slightly depending on the implemation,
and the goals that the implementor had in mind.  With a
clipping this is likely not to be an issue, but I wanted
to use SDL's clipping function to ensure that I get the
same result as SDL... not for purposes of being more


Thanks again,


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