[SDL] Mac SDL queries

Darrell Walisser dwaliss1 at purdue.edu
Thu Apr 27 12:57:59 PDT 2000

Are you using MPW with the CodeWarrior 5 headers? Maybe using MPW's headers
would fix this problem.

>> Then I removed ALL these libraries, downloaded MPW, hunted out all
>> the precise libraries the makefile included, and put them in
>> CodeWarrior, and it wouldn't link because it couldn't find a symbol
>> called "__files".

> The __files 
> identifier is called from my SDL_main according to the think error,
> though I never used that identifier. I searched for it all the SDL
> headers and system headers, and found it in "cstdio", which I assume
> is CodeWarrior's version of "stdio.h", in the lines:

FYI, cstdio is the C++ name of stdio.h. I think stdio.h #includes cstdio.
> #define stdin   (&__files[0])   /* mm 961031 */    /*MW-mm 961203 */
> #define stdout (&__files[1])   /* mm 961031 */    /*MW-mm 961203 */
> #define stderr (&__files[2])   /* mm 961031 */    /*MW-mm 961203 */
> /* rjk 980313 add the _MSL_DLLDATA macro */
> extern _MSL_DLLDATA FILE __files[];      /* mm 961031 */    /*MW-mm 961203 */

>From the looks of this it is MSL.C.PPC.LIB and/or MSL.C.PPC.DLL. Possibly
SIOUX.PPC.LIB. You might be able to hack it with the following global in
your code:

FILE __files[3];

> Everything 
> besides the GL and SDL libraries were stolen from MPW, which I think
> might be part of the problem.

My thoughts exactly. As I said before, probally better not to use
CodeWarrior headers in MPW. If you do use CW headers, don't link with any
MPW libs, use the MPW libs CW provides.


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