[SDL] Mac SDL queries

Mike Powell belar at earthling.net
Wed Apr 26 20:34:52 PDT 2000

>Could we get some more details on how you swapped them around?  If you
>don't set up CodeWarrior shared libraries just right, then just make empty

Lets see... The first time, I kept all the libraries which 
CodeWarrior includes standard in it's C projects (MSL RuntimePPC.Lib, 
InterfaceLib, MathLib, MSL C.PPC.Lib), minus a couple obviously 
irrelivent ones (MSL C++.PPC.Lib and MSL SOUIX.PPC.Lib). Then, I 
added what I could find of the libraries mentioned in the MPW make 
file (StdCLib and PPCToolsLib). At this point it linked, but crashed 
before it got to any of my code. Then I removed ALL these libraries, 
downloaded MPW, hunted out all the precise libraries the makefile 
included, and put them in CodeWarrior, and it wouldn't link because 
it couldn't find a symbol called "__files".

>Try some prebuilt library projects
><http://icdweb.cc.purdue.edu/~walisser/gltron/SDL_CWprojects.sea.hqx>, I
>haven't personally used them, so I'd be interested to know if they work.

Well, thanks, but those are CW Pro 5 projects, and I'm running CW Pro 
4. It won't open them.

>To be honest, for my alpha projects, I just cheat and link the source in

Hmm. That's a good idea. If all else fails, I'll give that try.

>Compiled into the resource fork of every mac SDL program is a template for
>the 'CLne' resource.  It lets you create a default command line, and put if
>you even want the command line dialog displayed or not.   Just put a CLne
>ID:128 into the program file, and everything will be fine.

Ah, thank you!

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