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krat killtherat at bigfoot.com
Thu Apr 27 00:46:37 PDT 2000

>First of all, I can't seem to make it work with CodeWarrior Pro 4.
>The libraries shipped with CodeWarrior don't seem to correspond
>totally with those in the MPW examples. I tried swapping them around
>in a number of ways, and sorta got it to compile and link, but it
>crashed before it even got to calling my code.
Could we get some more details on how you swapped them around?  If you
don't set up CodeWarrior shared libraries just right, then just make empty
Try some prebuilt library projects
<http://icdweb.cc.purdue.edu/~walisser/gltron/SDL_CWprojects.sea.hqx>, I
haven't personally used them, so I'd be interested to know if they work.

>I begun to learn MPW,
>so the question may be academic at some point, but does anybody know
>how to make SDL work with CodeWarrior Pro 4?
To be honest, for my alpha projects, I just cheat and link the source in

>I wonder if there is any
>way to make it so that command line prompt does not show up?
Compiled into the resource fork of every mac SDL program is a template for
the 'CLne' resource.  It lets you create a default command line, and put if
you even want the command line dialog displayed or not.   Just put a CLne
ID:128 into the program file, and everything will be fine.


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