[SDL] Re: sdl GL with stencil buffer

Franck Guillaud fguillaud at mailivs.ivs.fr
Wed Apr 26 23:46:44 PDT 2000

Oliver Batchelor wrote:
> Damn that means I cant use shadows/reflection  or anything !! ugg ! I
> was looking foward to doing that.
> Voodoo banshee cards do do multi texture dont  they ??  I tried that
> out and it went awful slow ....   if they dont then how does quake3
> do its multi texture on the voodoo ?

   You can use projected texture to do this. Using a two passes

 First pass, draw your scene
 Calculate shadow and reflexion texture 
 Second pass, render (over the first) scene with shadow & reflection
textures, blending enabled.

  You'll find source code for this in the mesa distrib and the glut


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