[SDL] NVIDIA driver

Thomas Lund tld at carlbro.dk
Wed Apr 26 08:09:43 PDT 2000

Hi Dave

> Uhm... I have an Nvidia card and it is by no means an par with the windows
> drivers from XF4.0.  You need to get other driver from UTAH GLX to even
> have anything reasonable in the way of performance to run Quake 3 and
> Unreal tornament.  I have yet to see anything decent come out of these
> drivers but then again I haven't tried UTAH-GLX yet... :)

NVidia has just released new binary drivers using direct rendering with 
kernel module and a GLX module. According to benchmarks at
linuxgames.com it is VERY much an par with the Windows drivers with
Quake III running 100+ fps under XF4

Look at the benchmarks at linuxgames.com and download drivers at


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