[SDL] NVIDIA driver

Daniel Vogel 666 at grafzahl.de
Wed Apr 26 02:38:08 PDT 2000

Joern Woerdehoff wrote:
> Hello all,
> i started with some OpenGL stuff with SDL (Win32 only now). Now i time
> to update my Linux and do some porting. What is the current state of
> the NVIDIA triver for Linux?
> Is it acclerated in the new XFree86 4.0?

Only works with XF 4.0 and is known to run Quake 3 and Unreal
Tournament. There are still some minor stability issues but people told
me that the visual quality is on pair with the Windows drivers. For
Quake 3 it is said that the performance is as good as the Windows

One issue people reported is that resolution changes didn't work with
Unreal Tournanement (using SDL).

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