[SDL] quick 2D paralax scrolling

Sam Hart hart at physics.arizona.edu
Tue Apr 25 19:45:51 PDT 2000

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, James M Best wrote:

> In fact, I wonder about this.  There are many game emulators for these
> systems, and they run at full speed on my k6.  (I own every ROM I play
> on these emulators, of course).  There is something that we are doing
> way too slow, I think.

Exactly what I was thinking..... Truthfully, on my system, most of these
old titles run even faster (with no decernable frame-loss) with the

I know about the dedicated versus delegated game hardware issues (hell, I
wrote an essay on the subject comparing PC's to Jeeps and VG Consoles to
Race Cars [race cars are great for racing, but lousy for towing a payload
off-road]).... but I see the performance that SNES9X and XMAME get and I
want the same.... was just hoping someone had figured something better...

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