[SDL] SV: Announcing SDL_image 1.0.5

Torbjörn Andersson d91tan at Update.UU.SE
Mon Apr 24 23:43:10 PDT 2000

Circus Linux doesn't work with this new SDL_image library since it refuses
to load circuslinux-data/images/status/enter-initials.png.

The image fails in IMG_LoadPNG_RW() on the following test:

if ( surface->pitch != png_get_rowbytes(png_ptr, info_ptr) ) {
        IMG_SetError("SDL pitch didn't match PNG pitch");
        surface = NULL;
        goto done;

Once it is removed the image loads and displays just fine. Is this a
problem with the particular image (as far as I can tell it succeeds in
loading several PNG images before failing on this one), or is it with
SDL_image itself? I'm running Linux, if that makes any difference here.

Torbjörn Andersson

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