[SDL] Re: Crossplatform screensavers

Santiago Romero nop at todolinux.org
Sat Apr 22 15:38:24 PDT 2000

El Sat, 22 Apr 2000 17:35:56 +0200, fmunoz at geocities.com escribió:

> in Win the only data I had  found is that *.scr are *.exe renamed

 remember to check too if your own application is running to prevent
 launching more than one copy of your screensaver. Say that you have
 the delay time to 1 minute and your scr starts. After 2 minutes,
 a second copy of your screensaver can be loaded if you don't detect
 if a process similar to yours is running... I don't remember how
 to detect this (I'm not an experienced windows programmer).

> Can anybody more skilled than me give some tips about that topic?

 Well, I just wanted to remember you what I've said because I once
 coded an screensaver (using the GDI) and forgot that. When I tested
 it (it was a Blue Screen Of Death screensaver) I found that the
 screensaver executed more than once :)
Windows it's real multitasking: it can execute 2 bugs simultaenously.

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