[SDL] Crossplatform screensavers

Phoenix Kokido kokido at postmark.net
Sat Apr 22 11:27:59 PDT 2000

Windows screen savers are slightly more involved than that, they have
to have certain bits of data in them and support certain command line
switches, you'd be best off trying to find some windows screen saver
code or a tutorial to find out exactly what all is required.

Wesley Poole
AKA Phoenix Kokido
Tired of hiding behind a on-line only identity...
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fmunoz at geocities.com wrote:

> create simple screen savers using SDL.
>  Linux is easy (just add the hack to the xscreensaver list, or tweak
> some of the old code), in Win the only data I 
> had found is that *.scr are *.exe renamed and I have not clue about
> Macs. 
>  Can anybody more skilled than me give some tips about that topic?
> Un saludo
> Paco

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