[SDL] Anouncing LsdlDoom Now with Win32 Support

Jess JessH at lbjhs.net
Sat Apr 22 00:03:17 PDT 2000

LsdlDoom is a port of Doom the original 3d shoot'em'up game, written by
id Software. It is based on LxDoom and includes all of its features such
as network and joystick support. It's goal is to support all platforms
SDL supports and is currently tested on Linux and Windows (if you use it
on any other platform please email me at jessh at lbjhs.net)

Change Log
 * Changes v1.4.4.2 to v1.4.4.3
 - Misc. code cleanup
 - Fixed SDL 1.0 incompatibility
 - Added -fasttimer option
 - Added Win32 Binary to web page

URL:  http://firehead.org/~jessh/lsdldoom/

Note to People running MacOS and BeOS and other versions of Unix: If
anyone would be willing to test it out and/or compile binaries of it for
these platforms please email me.

Note To Sam: Could you please make the following changes to its entry on
the games page: change the name from lsdDOOM to LsdlDoom, add 75%
windows rateing, add a link to http://firehead.org/~jessh/lsdldoom/ and
keep the one thats there (http://lbjhs.net/~jessh/lsdldoom/) there as a
mirror. Thank You

Jess Haas
jessh at lbjhs.net

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