Darrell Walisser dwaliss1 at purdue.edu
Thu Apr 20 12:06:52 PDT 2000

SDL Net has no MacOS support at this time. I am going to try to port it, but
I can't really get started for at least 2 weeks. As far as MacOS X support,
SDL Net should be a breeze, since it has BSD sockets. However for the
Classic environment we'll need to use Open Transport. I was thinking of
using GUSI, but having dealt with GUSI in the past, it is better suited for
"quick and dirty" porting projects, rather than speed and reliability.

> A friend of mine heard about a library that "emulates" Winsock (it's no
> GUSI) on OT, and another one that emulates BSD sockets on Winsock... Do
> you guys know about any of these?

GUSI has a full BSD-compliant socket layer. I think there are some
commercial socket layers out there for MacOS, for example the one that
emulates Winsock. GUSI is the only free, open-source socket layer that I
know of.

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