Eduardo B. Fonseca ebf at cwb.fnn.net
Thu Apr 20 12:14:42 PDT 2000

hayward at slothmud.org wrote:

> Yup... SDL_net, it's on the libraries page.  It works quite well.  It
> works with both TCP/IP and UDP.
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> Brian
> On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, Stuart Anderson wrote:
> >> A friend of mine heard about a library that "emulates" Winsock (it's no
> >> GUSI) on OT, and another one that emulates BSD sockets on Winsock... Do
> >> you guys know about any of these?
> >There is a socket wrapper library included with SDL.  SDL_network I
> >believe.  If it's not in the main package, I'm sure you can find it on
> >the site.
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> >Stuart Anderson -- echelon fodder follows
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> >sarin
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Yes... I know SDL_net... but (at least the version I have) it does not work
with MacOS.
I need something smooth over plataforms....

Please help!!


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