Roy Wood roy at centricsystems.ca
Thu Apr 20 11:41:55 PDT 2000

>I'm developing a space shooter for OpenGL (MacOS, Win, Linux) using SDL.
>Ok, BUT, I'm having some real problems coding OT, BSD sockets and
>Winsock. Do you guys know of any "socket layer" that works thru all this

I'm still tweaking the Mac OpenTransport TCP stuff, but the UDP part 
works fine in the revision to SDL_net I've been working on.  I've had a 
terrible time finding time to work on it for the past two weeks, but as 
of yesterday, I finally got rid of the problem that's been eating up my 
time, so I should have things finished up in the next few days.  Of 
course, I've been saying something like that for two weeks, but this time 
I really mean it!  :-)


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