[SDL] Re: fullscreen under win98

Ben Burns bb at felspar.com
Wed Apr 19 03:35:08 PDT 2000

SDL OpenGL, fullscreen on a voodoo3 doesn't work - i know that much.
Is this the problem you are having?


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William Kendrick wrote:

> Someone trying to use one of my games under Win98 can't get fullscreen to
> work.  They've tried sending my game the "--fullscreen" command-line
> which tells the program to use the "SDL_FULLSCREEN" flag when setting up
> video, but they say it doesn't work.
> Does SDL do fullscreen under Windows?  Is this a relatively new feature?
> (I released the Win version of my game a few months ago).
> Thanks!
> -bill!

I work with SDL 1.1.2 and it works prettyfine on fullscreen.

But, I'v got a problem when I'm on fullscreen under W98 , I use a
MOUSEBUTTONDOWN to quit but it doesn't work at all in fullscreen, but it
on window mode ?!

So I don't really understand that .
See ya

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