[SDL] SDL 1.0.8 bmp viewer for windows

Dave dleimbac at phoenix.lhup.edu
Mon Apr 17 16:02:24 PDT 2000

On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Jared wrote:

> Okay so I have a BMP viewer using SDL 1.0.8 that works
> fine under linux, but dies under windows. Fullscreen,
> windowed, Swsurface, hwsurface, 8 bpp - 32 bpp. It all
> dies! It will show the first bitmap..but when you try
> and view the next one it shows it for a second and
> then exits. If anyone can help me out I can send my
> source code out to you. Well thanks for reading my
> whining. 
Are you deleting the surfaces you don't need?


Linux is a little nicer about this stuff than Windows I find....

You are probably segfaulting Windows.

Make sure the memory allocations are correct and that the pointers
actually point to something.  Dereferencing a NULL pointer will kill you
every time....


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