[SDL] Re: DirectX 3

Randi J. Relander relander at geocities.com
Mon Apr 17 08:45:49 PDT 2000

"Mikael Aronsson" wrote:
> Does SDL work with DirectX 3.0 (Windows NT 4 SP3+) ?

Nope. It falls back to using the Win32 GDI video driver and DIB sections
(which actually works quite well). The main problem is that using
SDL_HWSURFACE and SDL_DOUBLEBUF doesn't buy you anything on an NT4 box. You
can use SDL_FULLSCREEN as of SDL-1.1.0 but you can only work with software

I can't for the life of me remember what functionality in DX5+ is required
for SDL that isn't in DX3 but I know there was a valid reason behind it.

- Randi

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