[SDL] Re: Khronos / Open ML - a new cross platform API?

Pierre Phaneuf pp at ludusdesign.com
Sun Apr 16 11:49:52 PDT 2000

Ryan MacLean wrote:

> "Industry leaders including 3dfx, 3Dlabs, ATI, Compaq, Discreet, Evans &
> Sutherland, IBM, Intel, S3, and SGI today unveiled their collective vision
> to develop a standard application programming interface for graphics, video,
> and audio media devices. Creation of a standardized API will allow digital
> content application developers to more easily integrate video and graphics
> capabilities into their application suites, and will make these applications
> more portable over multiple operating systems, CPU architectures, and add-in
> hardware devices. Similar to the current industry standard for professional
> 3D graphics- OpenGL , this new API will consist of standard techniques for
> input and output of digital video and audio data, and will include
> extensions to OpenGL to support seamless video and graphics integration."

Yes, I also saw that on Slashdot, but after reading their web site a
bit, it seems to sound more like a "Turbo Quicktime" more than a "New
Cross Platform Alternative to DirectX". They don't say a thing about
input or network, for example, of which at least input is an essential
part of most games.

Anyway, we'll see... "Show me the code", as they say!

Pierre Phaneuf

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