[SDL] Khronos / Open ML - a new cross platform API?

Ryan MacLean ryan.maclean at utoronto.ca
Mon Apr 17 14:01:38 PDT 2000


I was milling about on slashdot today and noticed a posting about a new
cross-platform API that is apparently being developed by a whole bunch of
big companies.  Here's an excerpt from the web site for the api

"Industry leaders including 3dfx, 3Dlabs, ATI, Compaq, Discreet, Evans &
Sutherland, IBM, Intel, S3, and SGI today unveiled their collective vision
to develop a standard application programming interface for graphics, video,
and audio media devices. Creation of a standardized API will allow digital
content application developers to more easily integrate video and graphics
capabilities into their application suites, and will make these applications
more portable over multiple operating systems, CPU architectures, and add-in
hardware devices. Similar to the current industry standard for professional
3D graphics- OpenGL , this new API will consist of standard techniques for
input and output of digital video and audio data, and will include
extensions to OpenGL to support seamless video and graphics integration."

Judging by the list of companies involved, it looks like this could be quite
an interesting project.  If something actually comes of it it could have a
big impact on the future of SDL.. Has anyone involved in the development of
SDL contacted the people involved in this project?  I really like the way
SDL is taking off.. but i wonder if it might be good idea to communicate
(and/or collaborate) with khronos so that we don't end up with two competing

ryan maclean.

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