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Jason Platt lithosprime at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 16 08:51:28 PDT 2000

--- Frank Ramsay <fjr at marsdome.penguinpowered.com> wrote:
> Jason Platt wrote:
> > 
> >   My information has it that the voodoo 4,5.. will all pretty much
> use
> > the same rendering chip, with the voodoo 5 having more and more
> memory.
> > Myself I'm quite ancy about putting a video card in my machine that
> > requires it's own external 100watt power supply. 
> I'm a big fan of voodoo cards, but I have to agree here, I've already
> got
> enough electical stuff plugged in without adding another. Not to
> mention 
> I don't think I have place to plug it in.  With that said, I did read
> a 
> pre-review of the V5-5500, and there are features like hardware 
> anti-aliasing and motionblur.  Apparently they will work with any
> openGL 
> application, you just need to turn the driver features on.  The
> review 
> (by a game magazine) said that the performance hit for these was
> "well 
> worth it" so I have to guess it looks really increadible.  But I
> guess
> we'll find out in a few weeks.  

  John Carmack made a comment about FSAA in one of his recent .plan
files, mentioned that at reasonable resolutions with a reasonbly fast
game that there was no real benifit to it (or something like that).

> I know that I'm probably going to get one and put it into my Windows
> box,
> then when WINE works properly with XFree 4 I'll swap it with the
> V3-3K
> in
> my Linux box.  I seem to recall hearing about some problems with SDL
> and  
> XFree 4, what are they?

  I don't know.

> > Nor does it have T&L
> > like the rumored ati aurora and g800.
> T&L?

   Transform and Lighting, which is very math intensive. Most of the
people who have done testing on the nVidia GeForce 32 meg ddr have
compared it's processing ability (with specific reference to T&L) to
that of a PIII-700.

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