[SDL] Re: Off-topic question, but important...

Frank Ramsay fjr at marsdome.penguinpowered.com
Sat Apr 15 14:43:57 PDT 2000

Jason Platt wrote:
>   My information has it that the voodoo 4,5.. will all pretty much use
> the same rendering chip, with the voodoo 5 having more and more memory.
> Myself I'm quite ancy about putting a video card in my machine that
> requires it's own external 100watt power supply. 

I'm a big fan of voodoo cards, but I have to agree here, I've already
enough electical stuff plugged in without adding another. Not to mention 
I don't think I have place to plug it in.  With that said, I did read a 
pre-review of the V5-5500, and there are features like hardware 
anti-aliasing and motionblur.  Apparently they will work with any openGL 
application, you just need to turn the driver features on.  The review 
(by a game magazine) said that the performance hit for these was "well 
worth it" so I have to guess it looks really increadible.  But I guess
we'll find out in a few weeks.  

I know that I'm probably going to get one and put it into my Windows
then when WINE works properly with XFree 4 I'll swap it with the V3-3K
my Linux box.  I seem to recall hearing about some problems with SDL
XFree 4, what are they?

> Nor does it have T&L
> like the rumored ati aurora and g800.


Frank J. Ramsay
fjr at marsdome.penguinpowered.com

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