[SDL] Off-topic question, but important...

Jason Platt lithosprime at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 15 14:13:52 PDT 2000

  My information has it that the voodoo 4,5.. will all pretty much use
the same rendering chip, with the voodoo 5 having more and more memory.
Myself I'm quite ancy about putting a video card in my machine that
requires it's own external 100watt power supply. Nor does it have T&L
like the rumored ati aurora and g800.

--- Phoenix Kokido <kokido at postmark.net> wrote:
> I always thought that the VooDoo 4 would be like a less powerful
> version of the 5, like the Banshees and VooDoo 3s.
> Wesley Poole
> AKA Phoenix Kokido
> Tired of hiding behind a on-line only identity...
> members.xoom.com/kokido
> kokido at postmark.net

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