[SDL] Using SDL with GUI toolkits

Ben Allfree benles at locl.net
Sat Apr 29 17:17:29 PDT 2000

Garrett wrote:
> somewhere though. I was thinking, porting it to another OS shouldn't be as
> difficult as it sounds. 

You wish ;-)

> figure out how to change the D3D calls to OGL. Although they might be using
> some special asm and etc thats non portable.

Here are some points that can cause you some nightmares (and those are
only the ones that come to mind immediately):

- assembler (say hello to AT&T syntax with gcc)
  unless you have a script that does this conversion for you it is
  boring work - and not the funniest thing to debug though... and 
  expect a LOT of assembler :)
- MSVC/ g++ incompatibilities
  like internal compiler errors and weird parse errors with g++
- STL issues
- D3D -> OGL
  Never did that but I think it is non trivial. Have a look at how 
  different he D3D and OpenGL drivers for UT are e.g... And UT does
  a very nice job of seperating platform/rendering dependend stuff 
  from the rest.
- static init of objects 
  the order static objects get initted is NOT standardized when you
  use multiple files. Have fun juggling with the .o files :)

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