[SDL] missing the point?

dbf@binet.is dbf at nett.is
Sat Apr 29 08:44:40 PDT 2000

Sam Lantinga wrote:

> Is there any reason to explicitly ask for 2X scaling?  Wouldn't it make
> sense just to switch the monitor to the requested mode.

well its really only useful  in windowed mode, i thought about it a little
more and was thinking it would probly be beter to provide a more generic
stretch to where it could stretch it to any size, and if it was say 2x then
it could chose the apropriate optimized bliter to use for it. and this would
have some use in fullscreen mode to, stretching one size to a suported mode
or just to make it look funky :-) Would also be useful and easy to implement
a scaled bliter (SDL_BlitSurface_Scaled or whatever) which would also be
useful for other things, could also posibly be used to scale down say video
or images to display in a smaller resolution.


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