[SDL] CVS update (resizing windows)

Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Fri Apr 28 15:54:14 PDT 2000

Advanced Strategic Command, a free strategy game, is now available for
Linux. It is a turn based game similar to Battle Isle or Panzer
General (but unlike PG it is not historical). 

The multiplayer functionality (play by email) is completed and new
players who want to participate in mail games are always welcome.
In singleplayer mode there is an extensive tutorial which should make
the first steps in ASC relatively easy, but no ai yet.

To further improve ASC, we are looking for more programmers to join us.
Graphic artists and any other help like sound, story, level design etc.
are always welcome too, of course ! 

Check out http://www.asc-hq.org

Available platforms are:
 Linux: 100% (using SDL)
 DOS: 100% (not using SDL of course...)

Martin Bickel

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