[SDL] Re: Scaleing, SDL_DOUBLEBUF, SetVidMode, etc.....

Randi J. Relander relander at geocities.com
Fri Apr 14 09:42:38 PDT 2000

Sam Lantinga wrote:
> "Randi J. Relander" wrote:
> > Does it make sense to have SDL_SWSURFACE |
> > SDL_DOUBLEBUF support?
> Internally, if you pass in SDL_DOUBLEBUF,

But if the hardware doesn't support it and/or you are going windowed (not
full screen) you end up back in software mode with just the single back
buffer to work with. The problem is that a "double buffered dirty rectangle"
algorithm would fall apart in this case. I guess what I need is an
"N-buffered dirty rectangle" algorithm where "N" is two if you actually get
double buffering and one otherwise. I really want to eliminate code
dependency on window/fullscreen mode, single/double buffer, screen size,
color depth, etc.

- Randi

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