[SDL] Scaleing, SDL_DOUBLEBUF, SetVidMode, etc.....

Mattias.Blomqvist at nokia.com Mattias.Blomqvist at nokia.com
Fri Apr 14 04:25:22 PDT 2000

> > This explanation was very nice. Thanks Sam. I do have some 
> additional
> > questions though.
> > 1) What are the requirements to actually get a hw surface 
> when you ask for
> > it? I presume you cannot get it under X11? If so what should be used
> > instead?
> The underlying video driver must have access to the video memory.
> You are correct that in X11 you do not have access to the 
> video memory,
> without using the DGA video driver.  In this case your blits will all
> be done in software, usually using highly optimized C or asm blitters.
> > 2) Is there any other restrictions on dubblebuffering than 
> the fact that
> > there have to be enough free videomemory? If so, what are 
> the restrictions?
> The underlying driver must be able to change the video display panning
> during the vertical blank and report when the flip has completed.

Any example of a videodriver that can handle both these things?


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