[SDL] Re: extension for 2D with DRI

Pierre Phaneuf pp at ludusdesign.com
Thu Apr 13 21:29:01 PDT 2000

Sam Lantinga wrote:

> > Really, all this simulation will get you is missing the vertical
> > retrace, or if you're lucky, getting it when the ray is halfway up the
> > screen... *If* you are lucky!
> Actually, when working on the DGA 2.0, I noticed that the wait for
> vertical retrace call worked really well, although it might just be
> the sequence in which I flipped buffers and did the drawing.

I think that Dirk mentioned that the page flipping function in DGA
issued a "flip the page when the vertical retrace happen" command to the
video board, when available and simulated otherwise. Try it without the
wait for vertical retrace? Might be interesting...

But he referred me to Mark Volkovich for further high performance

Pierre Phaneuf

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