[SDL] Re: Use of SDL by commercial developers

Jeremy Peterson jeremy at phantomefx.com
Thu Apr 13 21:54:16 PDT 2000

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

> Two things on that subject.
> First, I discussed a couple of hours with RMS at the Montréal Linux Expo
> 2000, which just finished, and I asked him the famous question about the
> GPL and LGPL being not very clear regarding dynamic linking.
> He said that a dynamically linked binary executable counts as an "object
> file" for the purpose of being in "re-linkable form", at least, for the
> libraries it is dynamically linked with. So providing a binary
> dynamically linked with an LGPL library is okay (alone or in addition to
> a statically linked version). This doesn't save it from the GPL
> requirements, of course, so according to the letter of the GPL, Linux
> loadable modules should be GPLed too, but he also said that the only
> person that can reasonably enforce the GPL is the holder of the
> copyright, and that as Linus decided not to sue people that made
> non-free loadable modules, that's pretty much the end of story.
> Second thing is more particularly aimed at Sam, but if anyone else knows
> something, please let me know. I'd like to know if any commercial game
> development outfit is using or plan to use SDL to develop games on
> Windows, probably with the idea of a simple port to Linux later on
> maybe? I am not thinking about companies making multiplatform games, I
> am thinking particularly about the use of SDL (hey, *we* (Ludus Design)
> do multiplatform games all right, so I know about it! :-) ).
> --
> Pierre Phaneuf
> Systems Exorcist

I've just completed a commercial game Reel Deal Slots, that uses the
SDL library among other LGPL'd libraries. Its really aimed at a Windows
market, but I prefer a Linux based development environment, so SDL pretty
much allowed me a Linux port for free.
The only complaint I have is that I haven't yet found an easy way to debug
cross-platform, but I'm working on that :).

Jeremy Peterson.

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