[SDL] Re: Want to see something scary?

Vicente A. Sánchez Werner thewind at maptel.es
Thu Apr 13 15:17:03 PDT 2000

umm I think you're a little confused, the patterns you see on tv screens
(the fanous moire effects) are created by the way
information is delivered to the screen. Under certain circunstances the
Lu¡ma and chroma signals engage into mutual interference and you get those
patters (if I don't recall badly from my work on Scitex it was because the
signals became too similar). It's more clearly visible on actual DV cams ..
try pointing to something that has bands of two alternate colours... you'll
get a nice moire.

See ya alll

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> > Antialiasing is not that important IMHO, particularly on a television
> > screen (which is really blurry anyway, so much for the "sharp edges"!)
> Yeah, but you get funky artifacting with certain patterns (say, a
> painted on a road in a racing game).
> I can't wait until antialiasing was just a matter of fact for 3D graphics.
> -bill!

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