[SDL] Re: gtk-demo 1.1 seg fault

Amedeo Storni astorni at softhome.net
Thu Apr 13 01:27:24 PDT 2000

"William Kendrick" <nbs at sonic.net> wrote in message
news:200004130740.AAA00404 at sonic.net...
> Hrm... I'm trying out gtk-demo 1.1 and it's seg faulting right when I run
> Configure was happy, make was happy (except it complained about clock
> until I ran "touch *"), but when I run it, nothing happens but a SDL
> parachute deployment. :)
> Running gdb, it shows that the seg fault occured in SDL_SetVideoMode.
> I've got gtk 1.2.6 and SDL version 1.1.2....
> -bill!

gtk-demo does not work on 1.1.2, check the latest CVS or any other version
(1.1.1, 1.0.x).


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