[SDL] Announcing DFont

Dave dleimbac at phoenix.lhup.edu
Tue Apr 25 23:22:07 PDT 2000

ill let him know that he just needs to customize, i figured he had tried
but it didnt work with those keys... oh well i guess i need to stop

Emmanuel Anne wrote:

> I have a french keyboard also, and it works !!!
> Actually, when the game initialises, it can not detect the 1,2,3... keys
> of cours, since they are &é"... But if you go in the options and
> customize all that, it works fine.
> I am actually trying to use this trick in legacy doom, which makes a
> direct access via X to the keyboard, and which can't make any
> distinction between the 2 key and... the left arrow !!!

why ya still trying? isnt my doom good enough for ya :-)

    Thanks again,

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