[SDL] Re: Want to see something scary?

William Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Wed Apr 12 15:44:45 PDT 2000

> >
> ><cough> Atari 7800... ;)  It played 2600 games natively.
> You had to buy a converter piece of hardware, didn't you?

Nope - you're thinking of the 5200.  The 5200 was just an Atari 800 without
a keyboard and with analog joysticks that had keypads.  (It also had a lot
of the hardware mapped to different locations in memory.)  That's why most
5200 games looked identical to the 800 titles, and why many 5200 games were
pirated and made to work on the 800/etc. computers.

I had a 7800, and it played my 2600 games just fine. ;)  I got rid of it,
though, cuz Galaga really sucked on it. ;)


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