[SDL] Re: Want to see something scary?

Mattias Engdegård f91-men at nada.kth.se
Wed Apr 12 14:37:48 PDT 2000

> I'm
>happy because there will be a Gradius for the system (I always loved
>those space craft shooters, I may play R-Type Delta after I finish
>this message).

Yooooooooooooooooooo! Finally someone who understands the true value of
a good shootemup. This is great news indeed! And I thought they only used
the ludicruous power of modern consoles for stinking 3D platformers and
sport games.

>  Even better games should start showing up after the
>system is six monthes old.

Yes, that's the great things about consoles: the games keep getting better,
since they don't have to chase the customer's hardware.

Now, to bring this back ontopic: Tempting as it may be, I don't think SDL
on a PS2 really makes sense. Even if there was a cheap way for amateurs
to program the beast, the coding model is so different from anything PCish
that it is going to be a very poor fit.

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