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Phoenix Kokido kokido at postmark.net
Wed Apr 12 12:17:51 PDT 2000

Hopeing to get in on a nice console diatribe before Sam banishes this
thread from existance:

PS2 lineup is shaping up to be pretty sweet, EA sports games are sure
to be on the console and will look even prettier than their Dreamcast
counterparts.  Square will be releasing RPG's for the system starting
with Final Fantasy 10 next year (which will be an online game).  I'm
happy because there will be a Gradius for the system (I always loved
those space craft shooters, I may play R-Type Delta after I finish
this message).  Even better games should start showing up after the
system is six monthes old.

PSX did have a lot of crap, but they also had alot of quality games,
plus where square goes I go.  Plus all of these titles will work on
the PS2, a video game industy first (backwards compatiblity!)

N64 was a decent system, there really was'nt to much crap on it, but
most of the games targeted a younger audience (which that was
nintendo's goal anyway).  It had some gems though like Zelda 64, Star
Fox 64, and Super Smash Bros. (don't dis it till you played it).  My
only regrets here is that Nintendo scrapped work on Metroid 64 before
it got off the drawing boards (Oh well maybe dolphin...)  And nintendo
gets my award for innovation with Pokemon Snap it was very well done
for a photography simulation even if it was too easy.

Phoenix Kokido
kokido at postmark.net

William Kendrick wrote:

> > Either way... I could be totally wrong... but I do know that they had to
> > most of the PS2 because of bad Ram.
> > 
> > Well see... hopefully my PS2 source is completely wrong and there for I
> > wrong.  I always like PlayStation games and I was really discouraged when
I heard
> > this info.
> Well, regardless of the hardware (as cool as it looks like it'll be),
> hopefully they'll have a good game lineup like the original PSX had.
> (Ok, ok, most PSX games suck, but there were just so many excellent ones
> to make up for it.  From all I've seen an played on N64, for example, none
> of them have the edge that some of even the original PSX games did.  Ditto
> for Dreamcast... the ONLY reason I'd buy one right now is for Soul
> none of the other DC games I saw so far stack up to Soule Calibur)
> Digression?  Noooooooooo
> -bill!

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