[SDL] About SVGALIB execution..

Santiago Romero nop at todolinux.org
Tue Apr 25 09:26:52 PDT 2000

If by module, you mean a separate library linked into an executable or as a
DLL, then yes, you can do that.  The trick is to use a DLL for the runtime

In Visual C++, Go to Project | Settings | C/C++ | Code Generation.  In the
"Use run-time library" box chose "Debug Multithreaded DLL".  Do this for all
the libraries and DLLs and the main executable.

In my case, I only needed to do this in Debug mode, as it was just the debug
heap moaning that I hadn't freed the memory when it was really being freed.
Release was fine with the statically linked runtime library.


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> Subject: [SDL] Re: PNG loading & multiple heaps (WIN2000) - solved
> >    Under WinNT & Win2000 each module has its own heap.
> >    All memory allocated in the module must be freed in that 
> module too !
> 	do you know is there is a way for modules to share a 
> single memory 
> manager that does all the alloc/free/garbage collection for everyone 
> linked?
> -dv

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