[SDL] Inverted ColorKey Blits

Morten Bek bek at daimi.au.dk
Mon Apr 24 10:13:17 PDT 2000


I had exactly the same problem on Win2K and WinNT, but it worked fine on
Win9x.  I thought it was related to my cross-compiled dll's.  I was
planning on trying out a newer version of libpng, cause i'm currently
using 1.0.3.

If you figure it out, let me know.

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Antonin Hildebrand wrote:

>I'm in troubles with this piece of code (in my little game):
>SDL_Surface* LoadImage(SDL_RWops *src)
>  SDL_Surface *s;
>  SDL_Surface *temp;
>  temp = IMG_LoadPNG_RW(src);
>  if (!temp) return NULL;
>  s = SDL_DisplayFormat(temp);
>  SDL_FreeSurface(temp);                      // here dealocation fails
>  return s;
>W2K, VC++ 6.0,
>modules: SDL, SDL_main, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, pnglib,  zlib - all compiled
>by me in debug single-threaded mode
>I'm sure the PNG I'm trying to load is valid. (I traced code - all loaded
>OK, surface conversion worked also)
>There is dealocated surface's (temp->pixels) memory in
>L_FreeSurface(temp)   -   by calling free(temp->pixels);
>and this free() function stops somewhere at hardcoded breakpoint inside heap
>manager's code (i'm running in debug mode).
>I traced program deeply into the crt-code and I found that call
>HeapValidate(_crtheap, 0, pHdr(temp)) fails.
>this says MSDN help about HeapValidate func:
>"Return Values
>If the specified heap or memory block is valid, the return value is nonzero.
>If the specified heap or memory block is invalid, the return value is zero.
>On a system set up for debugging, the HeapValidate function then displays
>debugging messages that describe the part of the heap or memory block that
>is invalid, and stops at a hard-coded breakpoint so that you can examine the
>system to determine the source of the invalidity."
>To getting closer, I removed "security macros" from some crt DBGHEAP headers
>and I included them.
>By observing _crtheap handle I found out that this handle is changing for
>each module.
>in main program is 0x00a00000
>and when I step into the SDL_image code handling PNG loading,  it changes to
>there is allocated surface->pixels memory (calling malloc) to this heap
>and when returns from IMG_LoadPNG_RW,  I call SDL_FreeSurface(temp);
>in SDL_FreeSurface is _crtheap again changed and that's why
>free(temp->pixels) fails,
>because it tries to dealocate memory from ANOTHER heap
>loading BMPs works OK, because code to load, allocate and deallocate surface
>memory is situated in the same module (i'm expecting)
>I'm newbie to SDL, so thank you for any help (and sorry for my poor English)
>Sam: Thank you for SDL, it's great library
>Antonin Hildebrand aka Woid
>[hildi at atlas.cz]

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