[SDL] Re: Automatic documentation

Julian Peterson weaver at earthcorp.com
Mon Apr 10 11:19:14 PDT 2000

johnny wrote:
> How about Doc++ ??
> http://www.zib.de/Visual/software/doc++/index.html
> Garrett a écrit :

There a couple of problems with all of these in-code documentation
ideas.  The first is that it doesn't work so well for multilanguage
support.  One other is that it puts all the work back on the programmer
to do all the documenting, and as far as I know that group of people
consists of: 
1) Sam.

(I'm right in thinking that everything goes through him, yes?)

We've got a bunch of people redoing all the doc stuff in sgml (and
therefore most any other format you'd want too).  This will be a
comprehensive reference, and we shouldn't have much touble keeping up to
date with any api changes.


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