[SDL] CVS update (semaphores, CVs)

Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Thu Apr 20 15:04:10 PDT 2000

>I tried using a 32 bpp image and it is faster now. 
>SDL_BlitSurface takes 50 ms and the SDL_UpdateRects takes 
>another 30 ms. Still not fast enough though.
>x11perf -shmput500 says it takes 22.9 ms to put a 500x500 image.

This would translate to about (720*576)/(500*500) * 22.9 = 38 ms in your
case, so with 30ms, you are lucky. What do you really need SDL_BlitSurface
for? Can't you blast your bits directly into the screen buffer, run
SDL_UpdateRects and be done with it? (Be sure to check the RGB masks first,

-- Mattias

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