[SDL] i am starting afresh

William Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon Apr 10 09:29:48 PDT 2000

> hello, i am a 19 year-old programmer and i am trying to 
> learn SDL APIs as an alternative to DirectX on linux 
> stations... SDL is fairly simple and it seems to be as 
> powerful as his proprietary equivalent... So i would be 
> glad if someone could tell me some tricks... i do not know 
> if i am to write a fast graphics primitive library in order 
> to complete that API... (I think I must), and I have not 
> been able to find an exhaustive explaination of the 
> programming interface, even if i should have red the 
> sources. I thank anyone that could help me in advance... 
> have fun !

Look at the example code, that will help.

Also, I have an ok set of tutorials that I've presented to the Linux Users'
Group I'm part of, and (just a few days ago) to the Game Design Club I

Go to:  http://www.lugod.org/presentations/

And look for the two on SDL.


Speaking of example code... maybe I should look at it and maybe document it,
a la type-in programs form old magazines.  That and add more /* comments */...
(oh crap, I was gonna do joystick docs... shoot!)

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